About Us

Changing the perception of poor quality, poor customer service, inability to return defective products and inaccessibility is why we are in business here in Nigeria.

We believe Nigerians deserve the best and it start with us - you as the customer and we as your ever reliable merchandiser.

Our products are sourced from the United States of America only and with this, we have delivered on our promise to make sure that only quality products are delivered to our customers. 

Our customer care channels (Contact Form, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and Social Media handles) are also open if you have complaints to make. Be rest assured that we are going to respond in good time. 

We believe in the products we stock and make sure they are in the manufacturer's condition at the time of shipment but a lot can happen during shipping to the customer. As a promise, we would change any defective product that is in line with our returns policy without stressing the customer out. 

We understand the need for trust and have decided to have two customer touch-points in Lagos (Ejigbo) and Owerri. These are physical locations where you can get a hold of us if need be. We also understand that security is important to our courier personnel so we cut off the use of Cash on Delivery tentatively.

These are Omazera's promises to our customers and that is what we are about. Integrity, Quality, Trust, Professionalism and Transparency.